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I am listening to you, I try to define your vision that I draw you using my technical and artistic experience

The goal of my service is to make you discover the traditional world of manual trades of the old continent which is Europe, you certainly know "the French Flair" or "French Touch" ... an Education of these trades with experience passed down from generation to generation, which allows by the geometrical technique to bring out a certain conceptual design in mechanical structural proportions and pleasing to the eye whether in historical, traditional or modern, through the old teaching of knowledge that the tools used in our time, such as computers and digital machines ... these projects rigorously analyzed by professionals with the audacity to provide an elegant vision of structural and mechanical forms and also with a certain working philosophy and always this questioning of doing better, it is quite simply "a certain professional conscience, in order to bring it closer to the maximum provided with your dream that you will want to realize in it s reliability conceptual standards "code engineer" and proportions


freehand sketch against the explanation of your idea, then technical drawing and then an estimate


reading of quotation, level, lead on your site, in order to draw it technically, to then carry it out in the workshop, the parts are generally cut in the workshop at 99.99% depends on the project, if it is a table for example, it is manufactured 100% in the workshop, but demountable for easier transport


after cutting of the project in the workshop, either the parts are put into packages for transport or depending on its transportable size can be completely assembled in the workshop then using a crane will be mounted on the site

T‚Äčo make your dream come true, I use my experience